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Special Engagement starring John Carney April 7 & 8 at 8:00PM

Having a special event? Private or corporate, treat your group to a special performance of one of our shows in an intimate environment.


Intimate Miracles

Magic And Storytelling In One Unforgettable Show

Sebastian performing Intimate Miracles
“Illusion is the first of all pleasures.” Oscar Wilde

Our flagship show! Experience a magical evening with the sleight-of-hand, close-up magic, and storytelling of Sebastian. Generation after generation of magicians have chosen parlor magic as the best way to demonstrate their close-up skills and sleight-of-hand prowess.

Intimate Miracles is Sebastian’s showcase of his favorite close-up magic. His amazing talent, uncanny sense of humor, and engaging personality, create an unforgettable evening of magic, laughter, and sheer entertainment. Add his talent as storyteller and you have an all-around accomplished performer that will delight you through the evening.

Share this special time of Intimate Miracles at the Red Spade Theater in Old Town with the best of close-up as well as parlor magic and some very enchanting stories by Sebastian, San Diego’s top performing sleight-of-hand artist.

Intimate Miracles is a 90 minute performance for ages 18 and up. There’s no profanity or offensive language in this show, but it is thematically designed and intended for the most discerning of adult audiences. Preview the show by watching the video below.


Open Minds

Astonishing And Thoroughly Entertaining

Open Minds is the newest mindreading and mystery experience, created and performed by master mentalist John Hankins. His demonstrations of reading the thoughts of random spectators and subtly influencing their decisions, have been called astounding. All the while, the audience is thoroughly entertained by John’s light-hearted approach and sly humor.

John takes the audience on a tour of what it would be like to grow up with mindreading abilities, relating stories of how being differently-abled had its advantages and disadvantages. He uses his talents to connect with members of the audience, plucking thoughts from their minds and influencing their choices, while making sure they laugh along the way. The show is very interactive and all John asks is that you attend with an “open mind” and enjoy.

Open Minds is a 60 minute performance and is for ages 13 and up.


Saturday Night Magic

Starring Bill Goodwin & Steve Silverman

Bill Goodwin
Steve Silverman

For the 1st time in many years, there will be 2 magicians for Saturday Night Magic at the Red Spade!

One of the top five sleight of hand artists extant, Bill Goodwin has presented us with some of the most visually stunning and technically challenging innovations in card magic to date. Additionally he has contributed immensely to the history of magic with his thorough crediting and excellent writing on the subject. Currently he is the librarian at the Magic Castle and is undoubtedly improving an already impeccable ability and vast knowledge of the art. Bill will be performing close-up magic in our special show!

Steve Silverman has performed nation-wide in a variety of venues including public, private, and corporate. He is a 40 year member of the Academy of Magical arts and is a featured performer at The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Steve likes to create magic and from time to time his ideas and effects have been featured in magic books and periodicals. Steve will be doing parlour style magic at our special show!

Together Bill Goodwin and Steve Silverman will perform a dynamic and exciting show you won’t want to miss!

Saturday Night Magic is a 75 minute performance and is for ages 16 and up.

This show is on March 18th at 8:00PM


Family Magic Show

A Show For The Whole Family!

Dereck Hauser Performer of the Family Magic Show

You asked for it San Diego, and we listened. The Red Spade Theater is proud to present The Family Magic Show starring The Amazing Derek. As a member of The Magic Castle, The Amazing Derek has been entertaining audiences for years. He has developed a show full of humor, gags and most of all magic. We promise a fun and interactive show the whole family can enjoy together. Join us for a wonderful time!

Shows are currently being performed one Sunday a month exclusively at the Red Spade Theater.

The Family Magic show is a 50 minute performance and is for ages 5 and up.


Carney Magic

Secrets, Mentors… and the Beauty of a Perfect Illusion

Sean McMaster at Saturday Night Magic

CarneyMagic is a theatre show that blends mind-blowing sleight of hand with intelligence, taste, and wit, into a unique evening of pure entertainment. This is definitely NOT your typical “magic show”.

John Carney is a unique hybrid of Comedian, Actor, and Sleight of Hand Virtuoso.
His approach is smart, engaging, and often… hilarious.

Pin-balling between jaunty comedic riffs and astonishing sleight of hand, Carney will have you reeling with laughter one moment, baffled the next, and marveling at his thoughtful stories.

More than a theater show. More than a magic show.

Regarded by his peers as one of the top sleight of hand performers in the world, Carney has won more awards from Hollywood’s Magic Castle than anyone in their history, as well as the Academy of Magical Arts prestigious Masters Performing Fellowship.

Unique. Funny. Amazing. Poignant

You won’t see any big boxes, tigers, dancing girls, or lasers. Just a quirky, likable guy, cracking-wise and doing some pretty amazing things… and all the while, you’ll be laughing yourself silly. CarneyMagic is a show that will amaze you, as it charms and delights.

CarneyMagic is not a children’s show!
Best for ages 8 and older.


Special Events

Make Your Special Event Memorable!

The Red Spade Theater is available for special and corporate events. Treat your group to a special performance of one of our shows in a captivating and intimate environment. We happily offer discounted group rates.

Some of the events hosted include:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Business Meetings
  • Team Building Events
  • Meet-up Groups
  • Holiday Parties
  • Family Gatherings
  • Sales Presentations
  • Club/Organizations Outings

The Red Spade Theater is equipped with a sound and video system and comfortably seats 28 people. For more information, prices, and availability please call 619.865.2973 or fill out our inquiry form below.


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